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The German School Shanghai (Deutsche Schule Shanghai, DSS) is distinguished by an exceptional educational programme built on values such as openness, helping students to form their own opinions, and individuality. A programme endorsed by the parents of just under 1,200 children and young people at our two schools in Hongqiao and Yangpu. Covering all your child’s educational needs from kindergarten right through to the Abitur, the German School Shanghai is among the largest of the 140 German schools abroad found all over the world.

Hintergundbild ein Klassenraum

Educating your child
from 18 months to 18 years

Kinder spielen auf einem Spielplatz

Early child education from 18 months: a place for children to discover themselves and others, play and learn about the world.


Our kindergarten provides an exciting environment where your child will learn the German language in small groups through the medium of play. The children’s development is supported by activities in their native language (German, English and Chinese), while the group rooms and outdoor green spaces provide ample space for play. Dedicated pre-school groups prepare children for a smooth transition to primary school.

Kinder erforschen im Unterricht Windenergie
Primary school

Basic reading, writing and arithmetic at your child’s own pace

Primary school

The 3 Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic. Starting with small steps that get progressively bigger, your child will learn the basic skills they need for their future school career, all at their own pace. While we still use pens and paper, we also provide dedicated classes for children to develop their digital skills. English and Chinese are taught by experienced native speakers.

Ein Junge untersucht eine Petrischale mit einer Lupe
Secondary school

Deepening knowledge and preparing for exams: Realschule, Fachoberschule and Gymnasium

Secondary school

English, French, Latin, Spanish and Chinese make for a wide choice of language courses. And we offer an equally diverse range of secondary school qualifications. Students can take the Intermediate School-Leaving Certificate exam at the end of Year 10, or the technical or general German International Abitur exam at the end of Year 12. By making it easy for students to join from or return to the German education system, we ensure that they can continue their schooling seamlessly wherever they go.

Zwei Kinder sägen Holz
Co-curricular programme

Much more than afternoon activities: an integral part of the all-day school

Co-curricular programme

Our children and young people can choose from a wide range of age-appropriate sporting, creative, technical or social lunchtime and afternoon activities. Our co-curricular programme is enhanced by the fact that we are an official technical partner of the BVB Evonik Football Academy and have our own music school. School social workers provide support for students with personal conflicts or problems.

Who we are

The German School Shanghai started out as a parent initiative but is now a non-profit association. Led by Principal Susanne Heß (Hongqiao) and Head of School Management Andreas Haake (Yangpu), our teaching teams comprise a diverse mix of teaching and administrative staff. The unsalaried School Board supports and sets the strategy for both our schools.

Das Schulleitungsteam: Susanne Heß (Hongqiao) und Andreas Haake (Yangpu)

10 reasons to enrol with us

With a German school qualification, your child will have access to a wide range of study and training courses all over the world. Graduates of our schools are now studying in America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. Their education at our schools was distinguished by the following features:


first-rate education based on German curriculum


every child nurtured and challenged individually


learning under a single roof: smooth transitions between kindergarten, primary school and secondary school


first-class native and foreign language programmes from kindergarten to Abitur


the only German school abroad to offer Chinese as an Abitur subject


highly-qualified and experienced staff


small group and class sizes ensure an ideal learning environment with a personal touch


varied afternoon programme of musical, artistic and sporting activities


seamless integration for students returning to Germany


classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art IT and communication technology, extensive sports and cultural facilities

Our partners

Together we are stronger. The German School Shanghai is fortunate to have a strong network of partners. Public institutions and private companies in Germany and here in China support the DSS financially, with recruitment and by helping with our schools’ day-to-day business.


As an official technical partner of the BVB Evonik Football Academy, the DSS benefits from invaluable input for its sporting activities.


Volkswagen SAIC is our largest corporate source of students. Around 120 DSS students are children of VW China employees.


The Weltverband Deutscher Auslandsschulen (World Association of German Schools Abroad) represents our schools’ interests in discussions with government, business and civil society.


The Central Agency for German Schools Abroad provides recruitment and financial assistance by sending teachers from Germany. It also provides advice on the schools’ development and on management matters.


One of our schools’ most popular print products is our yearbook, which is printed on Heidelberg printing systems.

Lycée Français de Shanghai

The Lycée Français de Shanghai has been a partner of the DSS ever since it was established. Both of our schools share a campus with our French neighbours.

Supported by Swiss Government

Language, culture and economy of Switzerland - the range of teaching topics offered together with the supporting association Swiss School Shanghai are diverse.

Our schools

Unsure which of our schools is the right one for you?
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Our Hongqiao school is located in the west of the city near Hongqiao airport on a campus shared by the German and French schools. Some 850 children and young people learn, experience European values and grow and venture together at our German school.

Visit the Hongqiao website


Around 350 children and young people attend our school at the Franco-German Eurocampus in the Yangpu District in the north of the city. Everyone learns together under one roof, sometimes in mixed classes with students from different years. We teach your child about being part of a community and prepare them for tomorrow’s world.

Visit the Yangpu website

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